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I Brother Andrew R. Casper Have Been Doing Outreach ONE ON ONE, IN MEETINGS, OVER THE PHONE And ONLINE For MANY Years! A LONG TIME Slogan Of Mine Is Serving HIM/YAH Through Serving You!

One Way That I SERVE Other People Is By INTERCEDING For Them! That's Why This Web Site Was Created In 2002!


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Brother Andrew,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your prayers and support during one of the most difficult times in my life. I am still amazed that Elohim led me to you through your 24-hour prayer line. I was in trouble and desperate. I began searching on the internet for prayer and your web page came up, among others. I called two other numbers who advertised being 24-Hour lines, but no one answered! Then I called your number...and you were there. How comforting to know that there was someone out there praying for me in my desperation. After that initial call, I began calling you whenever I felt overwhelmed or anxious. You were always there. Your prayers and your advice and support of me helped me through an extremely difficult time. Elohim seemed to know just what I needed because He led me to you and you were able to have faith for me when my own faith was failing. Through this experience I have a renewed faith in the power of our Living Elohim and have had a boost in my confidence.

I wish you were closer to my area! How I would love to meet you in person and thank you for all your kind words and inspiration. It would be wonderful if there were more people like you who truly lived to serve others through intercessory prayer. I will never again underestimate the power of prayer and the faith of believers like yourself. Elohim is Great! I think your ministry is awesome and of real value to a hurting world.

It was on my heart to send a love offering to you....and I hope others will do that as well. Your ministry is very important and you should always have the funds you need to continue on. I sincerely hope more people will consider supporting you financially in your ministry efforts. Again, I cannot tell you how important and crucial your ministry of intercessory prayer was to me in my time of need. If ever there was a need for intercessors, It's now. Salvation is Free, but it requires funds to spread it. It is my prayer that many will join you Brother Andrew with financial support. I believe that your heart of service is a true blessing to all who encounter you.

You are a gift, Brother Andrew. Thank you for being there. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for allowing Elohim to work through you and uplift others in their times of weakness.

Great favor to you all of your days!
Sharon In Ohio

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